Top of the South Top of the South Reflections on the lake Views across the Lake Rotoroa from D'Urville Hut. 102019161 View from the bedroom window Out across Lake Rotoroa, the submerged jetty, the reflections, just magic! 102019162 In the mist A frosty morning at Tiruamea Hut. 102019166 Layers of scene Tussock, Beech, Hillsides snow capped mountains. 102019167 Mole Tops Snow, tussock, mountains! 102019168 A view down Finally some downhill to finish off the day. 102019169 Mole Hut The hut is finally n view, sitting on it's little edge of the world. 102019170 Hidden Hut Up the track among the trees. 102019171 Mountains More mountains in layers. 102019175